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I'm on
Backpacker Radio
Episode #230

After my Calendar Year “Half” Triple Crown hike of the Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail, I got interviewed by Backpacker Radio! For those who don’t know, Backpacker Radio is the premier backpacking podcast. I’m not even sure you’re allowed to call yourself a thru-hiker if you haven’t listened to it.

We talked a lot about my death-defying caving adventures, like tight squeezes, freediving in murky sumps, the time everyone thought I was dead, cave collapses right next to me, and a pissed off rattlesnake literally inches from my face. We even talked a little bit about backpacking—it is a backpacking podcast after all. 😉 Checkout Backpacker Radio episode 230 on your favorite podcast app or listen at The Trek: Backpacker Radio #230.

Also, if you leave them a 5-star review on iTunes, they’ll read your review on-air! Seriously. Feel free to leave a 5-star review detailing how handsome and witty and charming I am.

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