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The Explorers Journal, Fall 2020 CoverUpdate 2020-11-12:

Bill Steele has published two excellent articles with more details about the new passages discovered at Natural Bridge Caverns. Be sure to check them out.

The Explorers Journal is particularly noteworthy. This is an international publication of world-renown explorers and expeditions. My photo of Dillion Ellis on rope made the front cover! Inside, Bill’s article spanned 14 pages, including multiple full-color photo spreads. Fantastic work, Bill.

On May 8, 2019, Lee White made a historic climb of Dome Pit in Natural Bridge Caverns. That climb lead to the first new passage discovered in Natural Bridge in over 50 years. I took photos while drones flew around Lee to video the climb. In addition, we had other video cameras recording in-cave interviews and first steps through virgin passage. As a huge bonus, joining us on the expedition was 78-year-old Orion Knox. Orion was one of the original explorers and developers of Natural Bridge Caverns. He had been waiting nearly 60 years to see what was in that void at the top of Dome Pit.

After that expedition, I compiled photos, video, history, and maps into a presentation for our local caving organizations. This video is an updated version of that presentation with additional content and many never-before-seen photos from subsequent trips beyond Dome Pit. Even with the new content, I managed to squeeze my hour-long presentation down to a 37-minute video with an additional 10 minutes afterwards of bonus content. It goes fast, so remember that you can pause or rewind if you want to linger on some of the spectacular photos.

I have additional photos of this expedition and subsequent trips available at Beyond the Dome Photos. Be sure to read that article for more amazing photos. And, of course, check out Natural Bridge Caverns. The new passages in this article are not accessible to tours (at least not yet). However, this great family-owned show cave has other gorgeous tourist trails with huge rooms and massive formations.

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  1. Hi Bennett – You should enter this in the 2020 NSS Video Salon! Contact me if you have questions about entering.

    1. Not a chance in Hell that I’m going to support the NSS while Geary Schindel is its President and using the NSS legal committee to try to threaten and bully the Bexar Grotto. See if you want to know more.

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