Exploration of the Unknown

You never know what you’re going to discover in a cave. It’s not like a mountain that you can see, you know is there, you know how tall it is, you know where the summit is.

In a cave, it’s all hidden. You don’t know what’s around that next corner. You don’t know how deep that pit is. Even when you’re at the very bottom depths of a cave, you don’t know if that’s the end. There could be more passage just beyond that rock wall.

That’s what I love about caving. The exploration of the unknown.

Follow me! It goes!

Ascending Multi-System

Ascending Multi-System

Use the Ascending Multi-System to easily switch among all major ascending systems: Frog, Rope Walker, Mitchell, and Texas. Includes comparison charts, step-by-step building instructions, emergency repair, and printable field guide.
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