Less Than 500 Miles to Katahdin

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Less than 500 miles to Mount Katahdin. Just crossed into New Hampshire. 12 states down, just 2 more to complete the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, the Whites in New Hampshire are probably the toughest section. Tall mountains. Steep up and down. No switchbacks up here. And snow. So much snow. And they’re still getting snow even this late into the year.

Oh well. Not like I’m going to come this far and turn around now. Onward and upward!

Four Days Off Trail

If you were following my real-time tracker and saw me take off to Albany, NY, don’t worry! No, I was not hopping a plane back home like sweet trail angel Sarah Gregory was afraid that I was doing. I’ll explain that detour next post.

Backlog of Photos

In the meantime, here’s a bunch of photos that I haven’t posted yet.

Found a tree uprooting in high winds near Killington Peak, Vermont and the root cluster as it bobbed up and down.

Beautiful sunrise from the top of Bromley Mountain. This is a ski resort in the winter. In the off-season, the ski patrol hut (red building on the left) is open to hikers. Nice break from the wind and has power to charge electronics. Woohoo! Best of all is the amazing sunrises and sunsets from the top.

Fifth garter snake I’ve seen on the trail. I’ve been hoping to see a copperhead or rattlesnake, but no luck so far. 🙁

Other wildlife I’ve seen include: skunks, porcupines, rabbits, voles, salamanders, newts, skinks, frogs, toads, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, possums, racoons, whitetail deer, and a black bear (finally even though it was only for about 2 seconds).

Lots of moose skat, but no moose yet.

The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial on top of Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts.

Shrooms! Found the most awesome cluster of miniature mushrooms.

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