Shoutout to Lauderdale County High School

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Patrick Freeman

I met Patrick Freeman while hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT). We crossed paths several times, leapfrogging each other, and even staying at the same hostel one night. We’ve been in contact on the trail several times via my live map’s messaging and email.

Mr. Freeman is a teacher at Lauderdale County High School. He has been sharing my live map and my progress with his students. More than 100 of his students are tracking my progress. I have to say that I am delighted to have his students following me. It’s even more motivating for me to push onward everyday and complete the AT and hopefully the Calendar Year Triple Crown.

I want to do whatever I can to support Mr. Freeman’s classes and hopefully spark an interest in both the outdoors and pursuing their dreams, so I suggested that his classes ask me questions about my adventures.

Lauderdale County High School, I have your questions in hand! These are some great questions. You’ll have to give me about a week or two to answer them. My time with internet access is limited. (And, yes, it is possible to survive without internet, but I certainly appreciate it when I have it.)

Stay tuned and I’ll get the answers to your questions posted!

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