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I am an avid caver, and as a photographer, my primary focus is cave photography. Caves are a unique environment that very few people get to experience. With my photos, I can share that experience with a broad audience, show them the beauty of the underground world, give them something tangible that they can see and understand, and educate them about cave conservation in the process.

However, capturing these images requires a tremendous amount of work. My typical cave photography load is 48 lbs (22 kg) consisting of thousands of dollars of camera equipment. It is physically exhausting hauling that around a cave: up and down hundreds of feet of rope, over huge boulders, through boot-sucking mud, across underground rivers, through passages so tight that I can’t even turn head. And the harsh cave environment wreaks havoc on my photography equipment and electronics. I’ve scratches lenses, damaged cameras, drowned flashes and remotes.

I gladly suffer through all that because I have been blessed (cursed?) with these visions that I want to capture and share with the world.

If you want to help support my efforts, you can purchase prints of these spectacular images to adorn your walls. Become the envy of your friends and neighbors with this unique wall art. Prints are available a variety of sizes from 8×10 inches up to poster-size 24×36 inches. All images are professionally printed on high-quality Kodak Endura Metallic paper. The metallic paper gives a remarkable three-dimensional sheen to the images. If you prefer regular Kodak Endura gloss or matte paper, please email moc.eeLttenneB@sredro.

Note that some images appear multiple times to show you the exact cropping for different sizes/ratios. E.g., a photo that is originally 8×12 must be cropped to print 8×10, and further cropped to print 8×8. However, not all photos are available in all dimensions, particularly if cropping diminishes the aesthetics.


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  1. Hey Bennett its JT from NBC expedition. Is there any way to get a good photo pf my drone in the cave that you took?

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