Photo Comparisons

In my quest for the perfect photo, I often take more than one photo of the same subject. Some of the photos are quite interesting in a side-by-side comparison. Here are a few of my favorites.

Scorpion under Blacklight

This is NOT a trick or Photoshop manipulation. This is what scorpions look like under blacklight.

If you don’t know, scorpions glow under blacklights. Here’s a photo from Kickapoo Cavern where the Park Ranger had a blacklight specifically for that purpose. Fortunately, the scorpion was cooperative and stayed motionless long enough for me to snap both photos. (By the way, the blacklight photo had both the blacklight that turned the scorpion blue, as well as a normal camera flash to illuminate the rock. The rock turned a little pink from the blacklight.)

Photo Comparisons Normal light
Photo Comparisons Blacklight

Drought vs. Rain

These two photos were taken over a year apart from an awkward angle, so I didn’t quite get them lined up exactly the same. Darn OCD. Regardless, the impact is still dramatic. And I have to say that this cave entrance is so much nicer when the water is flowing. Otherwise, it’s a 300-foot crawl in a hot wetsuit before you get to water, which is usually stagnant, then another 1000 feet in stoop-walking passage before you get to the stream passage where you can cool off.

Home After rains
Photo Comparisons During drought

Flash Experiments

I was asked by the manager of Cave Without a Name to take some photos of this particular sodastraw. Unfortunately, it’s about 15 feet above the floor, and the floor slopes down another 15 feet below that. I carried my heavy metal ladder all the way down and got it positioned in the only place I could find that was somewhat stable, which was to the far side of the formation.

I stood on top of that wobbly ladder with my camera in one hand and flash on a long pole in my other hand. Since I could only take photos from this one angle, I experimented with the flash. I have a whole series of this sodastraw, but here are two that make an interesting comparison.

Home Side light
Photo Comparisons Front light

Muddy Cavers

Here’s a “before and after” of cavers at Logan’s Cave. This can be a muddy cave, particularly after rains, but it’s definitely not the worst I’ve been in. The best thing about this is the huge grins on the muddy cavers in the “after” shot.

Photo Comparisons Before
Photo Comparisons After

Water: Ripples vs. Reflection

For these entrance shots, I did one shot with the water motionless so the water would reflect the wall and ceiling. The reflection is so crisp that it’s actually not immediately apparent that it’s actually water. The other shot, I intentionally disturbed the water so it had ripples in it. I flip-flop on which photo I like better.

Home Motionless
Home Rippled

As above, I experimented with reflection vs. ripples in this shot. In the reflection photo, it’s almost impossible to tell it’s actually a reflection and not just part of the formation.

Photo Comparisons Motionless
Photo Comparisons Rippled

Gun Stash

This message was found in the lower section of Adam Wilson’s Cave in West Texas. It is burned on the wall, likely with a carbide lamp. There have been no guns found in the cave. We do not know who created the sign or when. Civil war gun stash? Wild west outlaw? Rancher? We likely will never know.

Photo Comparisons Original
Photo Comparisons Enhanced

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