TSA Spring Convention 2014

TSA Spring Convention

High-resolution group photos for numerous TSA Spring Conventions. Now includes outlines and names of attendees. If you know an unidentified person or pet in any of the photos, please contact me!

Texas Hospitality

Texas Hospitality

Updated: 2019-03-13. Welcome to Texas! Enjoy our prickly hospitality.    

Geary Schindel

Geary Schindel Exposed!

Geary Schindel, NSS President, falsely accused his friends of crimes and threatened them with attorneys. Discover the facts about his lies and bullying.

Gary Donham viewing the crickets at Cricket Crap Cave

Cricket Crap Cave

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold crickets: and crickets sat on me; and crickets rained upon my head: and crickets went forth defecating, and to defecate. (Revelation 6:1–2)

Alpine Butterfly


Compilation of the most commonly used caving knots, including a printable workbook containing detailed tying instructions and photos.

O-9 Well flowstone ascent

It All Started with Geary

It began as a relatively normal caving trip to O-9 Well in West Texas, but quickly deteriorated to include: jail, mortuary, 12-year-old girls, flash floods, fire, just to name a few. And it all started with Geary.

Ascending Multi-System

Ascending Multi-System

Use the Ascending Multi-System to easily switch among all major ascending systems: Frog, Rope Walker, Mitchell, and Texas. Includes comparison charts, step-by-step building instructions, emergency repair, and printable field guide.

Now That’s Chili!

Chili is a source of great controversy, but one fact about chili remains clear—real chili comes from Texas. And no, real chili does NOT have beans. Don’t miss Bennett Lee’s award-winning chili recipe, “Now That’s What Chili’s Supposed to Taste Like” (a.k.a., “Now That’s Chili”).

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Cave Video Goes Viral

Cave Video Goes Viral

Watch cavers squeeze into a tiny hole, even upside-down! My video called “Tight Squeeze at Deep Cave” has gone viral with millions of views on YouTube and countless more on social media. Watch the full video here with all the fails and successes!

Beyond the Dome Presentation Video

Beyond the Dome Video

Lee White’s historic climb of Dome Pit accessed the first new passage in Natural Bridge Caverns in over 50 years. This video documents the history behind this expedition, photos and drone footage of Lee’s climb, in-cave interviews with the owners of Natural Bridge Caverns, and lots of great photos of the discoveries from the expeditions.

Frozen Falls Chamber

Beyond the Dome Photos

Beyond the Dome: photo documentary of the first new passage found in Natural Bridge Caverns in over 50 years! See the huge rooms, massive formations, and amazing colors that these expeditions discovered.