Geary Schindel

Geary Schindel Exposed!

I was Geary Schindel’s good friend for over seven years. I was his friend right up until this incident. Geary Schindel wanted the Bexar Grotto‘s Hydro-Geo committee to secretly give him $5,000. When we refused, he falsely accused us of misappropriation of funds, fraud, and laundering money. He then used those false accusations to threaten us with attorneys. That’s the short story. I’ll let you read all the details below, including Geary’s email where makes his false accusations and threatens us

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Ascending Multi-System

Updated: 2018-11-06 The Ascending Multi-System allows you to reuse components and easily switch among all major ascending systems: Frog, Rope Walker, Mitchell, and Texas. Disclaimer

Beyond the Dome Photos

Beyond the Dome: photo documentary of the first new passage found in Natural Bridge Caverns in over 50 years! See the huge rooms, massive formations, and amazing colors that these expeditions discovered.

Alpine Butterfly


Updated: 2018-07-08 Over the years, I have taught countless cavers, climbers, Boy Scouts, and others how to properly identify and tie knots. This is a