Meso Customs 4-port overhead panel installation nightmare.

Meso Customs Overhead Nightmare

The Meso Customs 4-port overhead panel has no way to mount it! Fortunately, I found a way to install it despite this glaring manufacturing oversight.

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Alpine Butterfly


Compilation of the most commonly used caving knots, including a printable workbook containing detailed tying instructions and photos.

Frozen Falls Chamber

Beyond the Dome Photos

Beyond the Dome: photo documentary of the first new passage found in Natural Bridge Caverns in over 50 years! See the huge rooms, massive formations, and amazing colors that these expeditions discovered.

Oscar Berrones watches while Pam Campbell ascends Devil's Sinkhole.

Missing Bats at Devil’s Sinkhole

The bats at Devil’s Sinkhole in Texas were mysteriously missing. Three intrepid cavers rappelled into the football-field-sized cavern to learn why.