Backpacker Radio episode #230

Backpacker Radio Interview

After my Calendar Year “Half” Triple Crown hike of the Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail, I got interviewed by Backpacker Radio episode #230!
We talked a lot about my death-defying caving adventures and even a little bit about backpacking—it is a backpacking podcast after all. 😉

Grand Geyser erupting.

Yellowstone: Old Faithful Sucks

Yellowstone has been on my bucket list since I was a child. I always wanted to see Old Faithful. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s better not to meet your childhood heroes that can’t live up to the hype you’ve created in your mind.

Death Canyon Shelf sign.

The Teton High Route

The Tetons are an unofficial alternate route for the CDT. They’ve been on my bucket list for years, and I’m so close to them. I had to do them.

Sunlight highlighting Squaretop Mountain.

Wind River Range

The beautiful mountains of the Wind River Range were a welcome sight after Wyoming’s Red Desert. The Winds have two highly-praised CDT alternates that you can take instead of the main route: Cirque of the Towers and Knapsack Col.

Trekking poles with cork chewed off one by a porcupine.

Porcupine World War

I woke up at 2 A.M. and heard a gnawing noise. Still groggy, I listened a bit more. Yep. Gnawing noise coming from the rock next to me. I grab my headlamp, turn it on, and there’s a porcupine butt in my face.

Sunset highlights a distant storm.

Storms and Cow Ponds

Cresting a mountain top, I was surrounded by multiple storms. Rain and lightning all around me. But I had to push on. I had to find drinkable water.

Horny toad.

Mustangs and Horny Toads

After my last heartbreaking post, I wanted to post a more upbeat message. Like one about horny toads, lemonade stands, and wild mustangs.

The hut on top of Parkview Peak.

Loneliness on the CDT

I stood there, watching her walk away, not knowing what to do. It felt surreal, like I was an observer watching a movie that suddenly took an unsettling twist. I was powerless to do anything about it, so I just sat in my seat, cringing as I watched the movie unfold. It was the loneliest day of my life.

Fuck Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park was a nightmare just trying to get access. So bad that I skipped that section of the CDT.

Continental Divide Trail marker.

Continental Divide Trail: Starting at Copper Mountain

Started the Continental Divide Trail right after I finished the Appalachian Trail. I’m doing a “flipflop”, starting in the middle at Copper Mountain and hiking north to the Canadian border, then returning to Copper Mountain and hiking south to the Mexican border.

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