Tread coming off. Leather splitting from sole.

New Shoes

I finally had to replace my shoes. Most shoes only last 500 miles on the AT. I got 1,500 miles. Unfortunately, due to pinch blisters, I need a very specific shoe.

Katahdin 500 Miles

Less Than 500 Miles to Katahdin

Less than 500 miles to Mount Katahdin. Just crossed into New Hampshire. 12 states down, just 2 more to complete the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, the Whites in New Hampshire are probably the toughest section.

Aluminum extension ladder on the Appalachian Trail.

Trail Ladder?

Why did a trail designer decide that the best route for hikers carrying a 40-pound backpack is to go up/down this rock using a 24-foot aluminum extension ladder?

Bennett Lee at the Vermont border along the Appalachian Trail.

Hello, Vermont!

Did I recently say 4 states left? Bye bye, Massachusetts. Hello, Vermont! Only 3 states left now to finish the Appalachian Trail.

700 miles from Mt. Katahdin.

10 States Down, 4 to Go

10 states down, 4 more to go. I’m at just over 600 miles remaining to finish hiking the Appalachian Trail.

1200 mile mark (NoBo) on the Appalachian Trail.

Weight Loss on the Appalachian Trail

Some people lose weight while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Some people stay the same weight. Some people even gain weight. I lost 18 pounds (8.2 kg) and 2 inches (5 cm) on my waist during just the first month hiking the Appalachian Trail. Here is how I managed to stop losing weight and even gain a little back while hiking 20+ miles per day.

Bennett Lee at the halfway marker for the Appalachian Trail.

COVID-19 on the Appalachian Trail

Turns out my stopped up nose mentioned in my last Appalachian Trail post was actually COVID-19. First time getting it. And despite having COVID, I was still hiking 20+ miles per day.

Bennett Lee holding his 2023 Appalachian Trail thru-hiker tag.

Dang! Sick at Halfway

I made it to Harpers Ferry, the unofficial halfway point of the Appalachian Trail. Got my 2023 AT thru-hiker tag, and unfortunately, also started getting sick the night before and had to double zero.

Bennett Lee at the 1,000 mile mark on the Appalachian Trail.

Milestones on the Appalachian Trail

I crossed several milestones recently while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Here’s a quick summary. OK, actually it’s not quick. My posts are always longer than I intend, but they’re always so good! Enjoy my long summary of milestones.

Quarter way mark of the Appalachian Trail north bound from Georgia to Maine.

Worst Conditions Yet

After a long period of beautiful conditions and wintery blue skies on the Appalachian Trail, weather report predicted 14 inches of snow two days from now. Yikes! I check my map. 44 miles to Marion. That’s a long way to hike in just two days.

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