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DPI Doesn’t Matter! Pixels Do!

I have seen so many conversations on the Internet concerning what DPI people should set their photos to. It seems every idiot with a keyboard chimes in, and I’m about to become one of those idiots… Let me save you the trouble of reading this entire article by summing it up in one sentence: DPI does matter. Seriously. DPI does not matter for your photos. Leave it alone. Set it to 1. Set it to a billion. It does not matter. The

Alpine Butterfly


Updated: 2018-07-08 Over the years, I have taught countless cavers, climbers, Boy Scouts, and others how to properly identify and tie knots. This is a compilation of my favorite caving knots along with detailed photos of how to tie them, including: Figure 8 on a Bight Double Fisherman (Grapevine) Triple Fisherman (Barrel) Alpine Butterfly Bowline Prusik Knot Water Knot Caving Knots Workbook Updated 2018-07-08 Knot Presentations In addition to the above manual, I have several PowerPoint presentations that I use

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Texas Cavers Calendar 2018

Texas Cavers Calendar

Every few years, Texas cave photographers put out a cave calendar. I was impressed with the photography and wanted to contribute my own calendar. I had a vision. I didn’t want a calendar of naked people who happened to be in a cave. I wanted the emphasis to be Texas caves which happened to have naked people in them.

Beyond the Dome Photos

Beyond the Dome: photo documentary of the first new passage found in Natural Bridge Caverns in over 50 years! See the huge rooms, massive formations, and amazing colors that these expeditions discovered.

Ascending Multi-System

Updated: 2018-11-06 The Ascending Multi-System allows you to reuse components and easily switch among all major ascending systems: Frog, Rope Walker, Mitchell, and Texas. Disclaimer